We Are On The Move!

Action Required! You'll Need to Repoint Your Satellite Dish before 6/30/2017.

It is now official! We are uplinking on both AMC-8, our current satellite at 139 degrees west longitude, and AMC-18 at 105 degrees west longitude. This means that you can repoint your satellite dish at any time and receive programming from FNN, Pemiere, Westwood One, SkyView Networks, and many others. In order to continue receiving programming from these providers you must repoint your dish before June 30, 2017.

Please read the release here.

FNN does not endorse any one satellite company for dish repoints however some of our affiliates have used the following companies with success:

A do-it-yourself instruction sheet is available here.

NOTE that once your dish has been repointed, the XDS satellite receiver should "fall back" to the correct frequency automatically. However if it doesn't the proceedure for manually inputting it is as follows:

1. From the front panel of the receiver press "Set" repeatedly until you see "Status" in the display.
2. Press the right arrow until you see "Setup" in the display. Press "Set" again.
3. Press the right arrow until you see "Tuner" in the display. Press "Set" again. The current frequency of 01040000 kHz will be displayed. Press "Set". A cursor will appear over the first digit in the frequency.
4. Using the up and down arrows to change the value of each digit and the right arrow to move from digit to digit, change the frequency to 01040500 kHz. Press "Set" when complete.

Note that the symbol rate remains unchanged from its current value.

Spring Solar Outages

If you move your dish prior to March 11th you will experience solar outages twice on AMC-18 since that signal is a turnaround of AMC-8's satellite signal. It is being downlinked at a site in Virginia before being re-upped on AMC-18. You'll get the outage affecting the Virginia downlink on AMC-8 (generally starting 2/28 and ending 3/10 between approximately 4:45 and 5:05PM EST, 5:45 and 6:06PM EDT) and then the one for your downlink on AMC-18 (generally starting 3/3 and ending 3/13 between approximately 2:15 and 2:35PM EST, 3:15 and 3:35PM EDT). A solar outage prediction tool is available here. AMC-18 is not among the choices in the dropdown box but you can enter "105" in the "W Longitude" field.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Premiere Networks. Call (818)461-8373 or email dishmove@premierenetworks.com

Help at FNN (during normal business hours):

Jim Poling: Call (407)916-8408 or email jimpoling@fnnonline.net

Jeff Worthington: Call (866)304-6397 or email jeffworthington@iheartmedia.com.