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Program outage on 7/7/2018: Due to a technical problem at the Premiere Network uplink in Sherman Oaks, CA, some FNN programming from 4AM EDT through 10:30AM EDT on Saturday, July 7th was disrupted. This affected the talk show feeds and news/sportscasts. We aplogize for the inconvenience.

If you are an affiliate of any of FNN's programming or web services and have not yet updated your contact information in our new system, please log into either the LOL or OnDemand sites below and do so (one contact form works for both sites) ASAP. In the LOL choose "Contact Information" from the menu. In OnDemand choose "Account" from the menu. This is very important since our communication to you regarding news/programming alerts, public affairs reports, and log information will soon depend on this new system.

Please consult our satellite distribution schedule here.

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