Florida Highway Patrol on the Prowl

The FHP has launched a new crack-down on aggressive driving.
Photo: Florida Highway Patrol
by: Alan McBride
Updated: 6/22/2017 8:50:50 PM
TALLAHASSEE, FLA. -- Passenger vehicles and tractor trailers share Florida's highways every day, but not always peacefully.

Officials with the Florida Highway patrol say that conflicts and aggressive driving habits can lead to accidents, and some of those accidents can have tragic outcomes.

With that in mind, the FHP has begun a program called Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks, or TACT.

Officials say it's a safety campaign aimed at educating motorists about the dangers of aggressive driving around large trucks and reducing commercial motor vehicle related crashes.

Troopers say motorists should protect themselves and their passengers by learning how to share the road safely.

The FHP says drivers should be aware that large trucks have large blind spots, also known as "No Zones;" and drivers of motor vehicles should take extra pains to be sure they are seen by the drivers of the big rigs.

Drivers of passenger vehicles are also counseled to pass trucks with caution, and never cut off a large truck.

The larger vehicle cannot stop as quickly as cars, so drivers need to keep that in mind when maneuvering near a large truck.

Troopers add that drivers need to obey the cardinal rule of traveling, and that is do not drive distracted.

Anything that takes your full attention off of the road, even for a second, could be deadly.